Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's musings

The Post presents a Valentine's quandary: Lloyd Dobler vs. Jake Ryan. I'm definitely a Lloyd girl. Every time I hear In Your Eyes the boombox scene from Say Anything runs through my head.

And here's the A.V. Club's article ranking the top TV romances.

Most interestingly, however, the Discovery Channel ran this article about, uh, the derivation of the traditional Valentine heart. It made my inner cynic laugh. A lot.

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Nicole said...

D, a little late for a response, but I have to say I'm a Jake Ryan girl. (Yes, I know, shocking given my infatuation with John Cusack, but there it is.) Jake Ryan was perfect. On the John Cusack note, here's an interesting quiz-- "Which John Cusack are you? -- http://home.mn.rr.com/couplandesque/quizzes/johnquiz.htm