Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wise Weingarten

Until now, I have only mentioned Gene Weingarten in passing, but I think that he and Joel Achenbach are the best things about the Post.

Gene's weekly column, Below the Beltway, is teriffic -- but the best thing are his weekly chats, in which he and his audience occasionally direct me to internet wonders such as this and this.

More importantly, this week, Gene confirmed that the only proper response to the person reclining their airline seat in front of you is passive-aggressiveness:

Gene Weingarten: . . . . I believe it is never acceptable to recline your seat in the plane, unless no one is seated behind you, or it is the middle of the night and everyone is asleep. No degree of incline is acceptable. When someone does this to me, I engage in a war of knee jabs. And I always resist the urge to recline my own seat to get away from this assault. That is only passing on the rudeness.

And FYI, Gene also expressed marvel at the DC Metro Anagram Map, discussed here last week.

I just wish he had a blog.


DSL said...

Interesting, I find you funny Dara but not Gene. He bores me to death. And yes, I too engage in the fine art of knee jabbing or, rather, elbow jabbing when someone is kickng my seat. Somehow, Gene takes all the fun out of it for me.

Justin S. said...

I disagree with Gene on this one. I believe people can recline whenever they want, damn it.

Justin S. said...
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Dara said...

Debby, thanks for thinking I'm funny, although I'm still not sure if it's a laugh-at or laugh-with kind of thing.

And Justin, people can recline if they want, but I can passive-aggressively kick the back of the seat and slam the tray table if I want to.

The other thing I do when people recline in front of me on an airplane is to joke to my travelling companions about never feeling so much like a dentist before. That usually causes the person to move their seat up a little bit.

Justin S. said...

Ok. But if you kick me in the back of the seat I'm leaning back further.

DSL said...

Sounds like you're being passive-aggressive the other way around. Forget about road rage.

DSL said...

Besides, I've tried leaning further to get someone's knees out of my back, but it's not effective. Those seats only go back so far.