Friday, March 31, 2006

April Fools!

Here at the blah blah blog, we take our April Fool's Day seriously.

My brother is actually the king of April Fool's Day. Every year, he manages to pull one over on my mother, and they get better and better. And every year, she promises that she will (a) not fall for it again, and (b) get him back., but I don't think she ever has. When it finally happens, though, I bet it will be fantastic.

So, here are a list of the top 100 April Fool's Hoaxes, as well as a list of the 10 worst. Meanwhile, the cast of The Office is giving us some faux Public Service Announcements. (Watch them all here.)

And, if anyone tells you to shut down your computer for internet spring cleaning, it's a hoax.

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