Monday, March 06, 2006

It's the 1st annual blah blah blog post-Oscars rundown!

1) Reviews were mixed on Jon Stewart: the Post's TV critic hated him, the Associated Press was indifferent, but he got a good review from the Post's film critic and his online chat audience. One thing's for sure: The ratings stunk.

2) The actor and actress contests were quite predictable, but no one really thought that Crash would win. Most people thought Brokeback Mountain was a shoo-in.

3) The New York Times provides helpful hints for displaying your Oscar and a reminder to pay your taxes on your gift basket.

4) Here's the scoop on the action behind-the-scenes and at the after-parties, and the top quotes of the night.

5) For the final word, check out Pink is the New Blog.

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