Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More on happy, stupid conservatives

In today's chat Gene Weingarten weighs in on the prior topic of conservatives being happier than liberals:

Bethesda, Md.: Gene- I meant to ask this question last week and then missed the chat. Hopefully it's not too late. I just wanted to get your opinion of the George Will piece from two weeks ago where he made the claim that conservatives have happier lives than liberals. Being that you're an avowed liberal and many would consider humor an important part of happiness, I figured your thoughts might be interesting. My opinion? I think Will could have had a three word column on this one -- "Ignorance is bliss." washingtonpost.com: Smile if (and Only if) You're Conservative , ( Post, Feb. 23 )

Gene Weingarten: I think he was right, though I wouldn't have quite as smug about it as he was. I think it is easier to be a conservative. You do not have to think as much, beause issues are more black and white. That delivers a sense of general contentment, because the world seems more orderly.
I think there are very intelligent, deep-thinking conservatives, but I also think it is easier for a dumb, incurious, narrowminded person to be a conservative than to be a liberal.

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