Friday, March 10, 2006

More stuff about pimps

In celebration of the Three 6 Mafia's Oscar Win, use the pimp name generator. Or instead, you can try the porn star name generator or the superhero name generator. Heck, go crazy and try all three.

And, as always, share your results in the comments.


Dara said...

My pimp name is Pimp Mama Skillz.

My porn star name is Jenny Jiggles.

Finally, my Superhero secret identity is The Platypus Claw, and my superpower is that I was raised by animals. My weakness is kittens, my weapon is my Snot Shotgun, and my mode of transportation is Unicorn.

Justin S. said...

Pimp Name = Dr. Kisses
Porn Star = Sour Pickle (I'm offended).
Superhero = The Hour Kid
Superpower = Divine Intervention.
Weakness = Vince Vaughn (They have me so pegged!)
Weapon = Water Nunchucks
Mode of Transportation = Bullet Train

Justin S. said...

How is being raised by animals a superpower?

Dara said...

Damned if I know.

Maybe we should ask Romulus and Remus or Tarzan.