Friday, March 24, 2006

Movie Day!

Since most movies premiere on Fridays, I thought today would be a good day to post some movie-themed items.

First, from Boing Boing, read all about a 1970's Disney movie about venereal disease. While you're there, check out this article about the real life version of The Birds. And if those don't scare you, maybe a movie about the 2004 cicada invasion will. It was playing at the Environmental Film Festival earlier this week.

More on point with the blog's theme of late, check out Celebritology's post on liberal vs. conservative movies.

Next, check out these posts about some big name movie stars. Will George Clooney run for president? Which Affleck would you choose -- Casey or Ben? And finally, just for fun, a whole website devoted to celebrity butt cracks.


Anonymous said...

Ben!!! All the way ;)

DSL said...

I once had a pigeon "randomly" crash directly into the front of my windshield as I was driving. I think it was a suicide bomber. Pigeons have often been used in wartime. Apparently it failed, but maybe it was just a practice mission. Certainly woke me up!

Dara said...

When I was a little, little kid -- before I was 5 -- I had a playroom in the basement. One day, a bird somehow managed to come in through the window, and flew around like mad, scaring me half to death. The bird was stuck there until it died.

I was completely petrified of that basement and refused to go down there for the longest time, even though my toys were there. I had nightmares about birds. (This is probably why I found The Birds scarier than Psycho, and also why I think people who choose to keep birds as pets are weird.

Don't let me get started on skunks.