Sunday, April 09, 2006

blah blah blog movie review

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to see Thank You For Smoking. It was one of the smartest and funniest movies that I have seen in a very long time.

Everyone should go see it. Now.


DSL said...

Saw it on Saturday. Great movie. Except for Alien Girl, as Justin points out.

Dara said...

Funny. Didn't Justin used to like her, before she was in a cult?

I didn't think she was so bad, especially as a quasi-villainess.

DSL said...

I have no idea. She was okay, definitely pretty, but her acting skills could use a little help. But it doesn't matter because Tom is going to keep his little woman at home.

Justin S. said...

Did I? I don't really know where you got that from. I do think she's fairly attractive, but I never thought she was a good actress. She was the worst part of the last Batman.

Dara said...

I meant "liked" in the attractive way, not the good actress way.

She was crappy in Batman, but I'll admit that I did like Dawson's Creek.

I didn't think she was that bad in this movie, but I think pretty much any cute young actress could have played the role.