Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I just saw George Clooney on the blah blah blog!

I like the Gawker Stalker. I think it's important for us plebes to know all about the cool places celebrities go when they're in Manhattan. George Clooney, however, thinks it's an invasion of his privacy. So, as sabotage, he urged people to submit fake sightings. Some goofballs apparently obliged, and some of the faux sighting reports are highly amusing. Here are my top ten, in descending order:

10. Just spotted George Clooney in the Hilton Harbor Resort in Charleston, SC. He was entering the hotel with food from Burger King with a group of his posse. I figure with all that money, he could get better food than BK. Just goes to show that being famous doesn’t mean that you’re a snob.

9. Britney and Kevin were in Dallas last week with George Clooney.

8. He is standing outside of the Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum this morning waiting to attend the King Tut exhibit.

7. Saw George Clooney and a woman with red hair this AM outside Starbucks Coffee Company 1205 Hudson Street Hoboken, NJ. Looked like he was having a Grande Soy Mocha, not sure. They left and walked toward the PATH station holding hands.

6. George Clooney is here in my house as I write this. He is having Jose the gardener build a bonfire to burn any and all books that I own that do not have his name or picture in it.

5. george clooney’s with me and helping to reset all of my clocks to daylight savings time!

4. I just saw george clooney coming out of my bathroom? What could he have been doing in there.

3. Saw George Clooney eating a hotdog with extra mustard in times square. He was wearing an “I love Matt Damon T-shirt”

2. I just saw George Clooney on a “ER” repeat on TNT. Honest.

1. George Clooney, geting off his high-horse @ Hollywood & Vine.

In a humorous response, Gawker's now selling Clooney-related t-shirts:

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