Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Post got it wrong

The Post incorrectly reports that the crowd at the Nationals' home opener did not start booing Vice-President Cheney until he bounced the first pitch in the dirt. This is not correct.

As I reported earlier, the booing started when he was first introduced. I have video evidence to back it up. (Sorry about the poor camerawork.)

The Daily Kos has posted links to other videos confirming my account. Salon and the New York Times agree that Cheney was booed before, during, and after the first pitch. And you can hear the booing in the Post's own video.

Unfortunately for Nats fans, the Post got one thing right: Unlike last year, there were no 7th inning heroics, and the Nats lost 7-1, with the only run coming off Alfonso Soriano's homer.


Justin S. said...

Nice work! And you used You Tube, impressive!

Justin S. said...
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Dara said...

I just need to learn how to stop recording without first aiming the camera at the ground.

DSL said...

Well, the Reliable Source from the Post agrees with you (wish I had an office with a door so I could listen to these videos that people keep sending):

Vice President Cheney, tapped to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at yesterday's Nationals home opener, drew boisterous boos from the moment he stepped on the field until he jogged off. The derisive greeting was surprisingly loud and long, given the bipartisan nature of our national pastime, and drowned out a smattering of applause reported from the upper decks.

Dara said...

The New York Times agreed with me, too.