Thursday, April 06, 2006

Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction

Unsurprisingly, earlier today it was revealed that Scooter Libby claims that the President and Vice-President authorized the leak of classified information to the media in order to repudiate the claims made by former ambassador Joseph Wilson and rebut criticism of the war in Iraq. But wait a second -- isn't that treason?

***Speaking of which, did anyone else see this week's Twenty-Four -- spoiler alert -- where, after being portrayed as incompetent for the entire season, the President was just revealed to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks? Coincidence?***

At any rate, Harry Reid is now calling for full disclosure from the President. Yeah, right, like that'll happen. Especially since this administration has been SO forthcoming in the past. Indeed, in the current climate, it hard to think of the Republican Party claiming that they stand for traditional values.

But there's a solution:

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