Saturday, February 21, 2009

Google Madness!

Rules of the Google Game: Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then "likes to" (ex. "Steve likes to"). Type in the first ten things that come up and re-post in your own note (or if you are smart, copy and past them!). You must tag the person that sent this to you.

  1. Dara likes to go places and see things.
  2. Dara likes to know about how Marty's Dad kills there food.
  3. Dara likes to go shopping during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.
  4. Dara likes to crochet, knit, carve wood, raise Orchids as well as African Violets, and excels at breeding a better rabbit.
  5. When she's not writing code, Dara likes to decode the messages of her teenage stepdaughter, and her two cats, Izabella Marie and a bad kitty who must remain anonymous.
  6. Dara likes to practice yoga.
  7. Dara likes to throw his clothes on his bedroom floor.
  8. I mean dara likes to party u know.
  9. Dara and I also have a website where Dara likes to put photos up, plus I have a Flickr page, and I publish news stories I find interesting via Google Reader.
  10. I have mentioned before how Dara likes to thieve the cat biscuits out of the pantry.


Blakely said...

Mine are pretty funny too! Glad you are doing well. :)

dara said...

Did you post them? On your blog or on facebook?

Velvet said...

Velvet likes to creep, due to the pile.

Velvet likes to describe his main style as groovy, sexy, pumping.

Velvet likes to be trimmed in fringes and tassels.

Velvet likes to tussle with a big hand.

Velvet likes to stretch a wee bit.

Velvet likes to watch the raindrops!

Velvet likes to socialize.

Velvet likes to play. (This is not about me, but from Average Jane's blog - another DC Blogger.)

Velvet likes to collect dust.

Velvet likes to use me for transport back to her cage and will seek me out wherever I am.

Ooh, I like some of those. A lot!

dara said...

These are too funny. I particularly like the ones about the raindrops and the cage -- but for totally different reasons.