Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Big Time

So, I was really excited that last week's post about Maxim's list of TV's least appealing ladies was mentioned by Wonkette.

But I had no idea that it was in the print edition of last Friday's Express until Caroline told me about it.

Here it is:

Oh what? You actually wanted to read it?

Wow, me in print! I'm so excited.

Update: All this, and we missed the story about how Nancy Grace caused some woman to kill herself. Apparently, she's the new Jenny Jones.


Ryane said...

that's awesome!

mad said...

Wow. You're on your way to becoming more famous than lonelygirl15!!

Dan said...

Very cool Dara! Please don't forget us when you hit the big time. :)

Dan said...

One more thing. Apparently this wasn't the first time Wonkette mentioned you.

Did you see this? And this? And this?

dara said...

Ryane: Funny that you should use that word . . . . it's been sort of a joke catch phrase around these parts lately.

But yeah, this is my first time in print -- except for that one letter to the editor that I wrote to the student paper about the lack of parking at the law school library on game days.

Mad: Not even close. And actually, that's not even on my radar. According to Technorati, I have the 67,138th most popular website. My goal is to one day cross the 50,000 threshhold. But that'll only happen if I make more friends.

Dan: Big time? Not bloody likely. (See above.)

And I'm keeping a running list of my cites in the sidebar. Not only to fuel my very large ego, but because more often than not, the citing references have more interesting things to say than I do. Especially that time in slate.