Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just one more question about George Allen

I know, I know. Two George Allen posts in one day is at least one too many. But I can't ignore the new revelation that -- gasp! -- George Allen is actually Jewish!

No way!

But wait a second -- how come Wikipedia knew that George Allen's mother was of Jewish ancestry before he did? Hell, even I knew about it last month.

Now he claims to "embrace and take great pride" in his Jewish ancestry?


As Justin pointed out, he was initially insulted that someone would possibly think he was Jewish.

Maybe that's because he doesn't like Jews. Or maybe he's just concerned that his Jewish ancestry might cost him a presidential bid.


Either way, it just means the same thing -- George Allen doesn't know his tuches from his kepele.*

*I'd use the yiddish word for "elbow," but I don't know it. And not like it really matters -- he's supposedly Sephardic anyway.


HomeImprovementNinja said...

This is too much. I'm sure he hates jews as much as hates blacks. So he hates jews, then finds out he's jewish himself. That makes him a self-hating jew. Next thing you know he'll marry a shicksa. The archetype lives one.

Bo W. said...

I thought of the "self-hating Jew" reference that the redneck Jew makes from Family Guy when Peter takes Chris to Vegas for his bar mitzvah, then homeinprovementninja used the term as well. Good call.

The next line in Family Guy is then "let's get him Herschel." I never knew Herschel was a traditional Jewish name. To me it was simply the name of the greatest offensive college football player ever.

Dara said...

The more common term is "self-loathing Jew," but, hey, whatever works.

Trust me, I'm an expert. :P

Sweet said...

Ugh, the more the man speaks, the more stupid he appears.

Dara said...

Sweet: Agreed. But the real question is whether he's smarter or stupider than he seems when he speaks. If it's the latter, then Virginians are idiots for voting for him.

Although, if it's the former, well, they're still dumb. Just because you're the son of a former NFL coach doesn't make you entitled to be governor or senator.