Thursday, September 14, 2006

Something strange is afoot in Wisconsin

I have several friends who have, at some point, lived in Wisconsin. Everything they tell me makes me believe that it is a very peculiar place. I mean, it has America's drunkenest city and Taxidermy & Cheese.

Plus, Justin keeps putting them in his Crazy State Rankings.

So maybe someone can explain this story:

Per the Wisconsin State Journal:
Grant County Sheriff Keith Govier said he believes Alex and Nicholas Grunke, twin brothers from Ridgeway, and their friend Dustin Radke of Dodgeville drove from Ridgeway Saturday to take Laura Tennessen's corpse from the grave.

But The Smoking Gun tells a slightly different tale:
SEPTEMBER 6--When Nicholas Grunke last week spotted a newspaper photo of Laura Tennessen, the Wisconsin man apparently became so smitten that he plotted a rendezvous with the 20-year-old woman. But the photo Grunke saw accompanied an August 29 obituary of Tennessen, who died in a motorcycle accident. Undeterred, Grunke allegedly plotted with his twin brother Alex and a friend, 20-year-old Dustin Radke, to rob Tennessen's grave so that he could have sex with her corpse.

Are there no cute live women in Wisconsin? Is there nothing better to do there? Or was this beer-induced craziness?

At least they have the Packers. Oh, wait -- the Packers suck. The Brewers? Well, at least they're not mathematically eliminated from the wild card race . . . yet.


Ryane said...

how gross is that?? See, this is why I am leary of folks from the middle...


Seriously, though--you are correct. Isn't there anything else those morons could be doing plotting t have sex w/a dead woman? ICK, ICK, ICK. It is really frightening to think that perhaps these boys think this is easier than dealing w/a living woman??

Justin S. said...

Wisconsin is also where Jeffrey Dahmer was from. 'nuff said.

mad said...

This is what happens when you go to Lambeau Field wearing a chunk of cheese on your head and little else in the middle of a snow storm in December.

Dan said...

This sort of behavior might explain why taxidermy and cheese go together in Wisconsin. After taxidermying (is there such a word?) your date, you have a romantic little evening with wine and CHEESE before eventually having sex with her.

I wonder if the twins had plans to go into the taxidermy business?

Dara said...

Interesting theories, all. And it's not like they're mutually exclusive, either.