Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Project Mindf*ck

Tonight on a very special Project Runway:

  • Vincent and Angela return to try to get back on the show!
  • In the process, they resume annoying everyone and get sent home anyway!
  • Laura makes a dress without a v-neck -- and wins!
  • Michael's model is accessorized brilliantly!
  • Uli makes a sundress out of patterned fabric!
  • Jeffrey's dress looks like it's for a rock show!
  • Kayne doesn't follow directions -- and gets sent home!

Other than the mindf*ck with Vincent and Angela, this was the Most. Boring. Episode. Ever.

Maybe it was the black and white theme. Maybe it's because every single designer does the same thing every single week.


Update: I love it when they mock.


Ryane said...

oK. So I finally started watching PR...last night. I really liked the white dress with the black belt...

I don't remember anyone's name yet, but that chick who won--I find her EXtremely annoying and whiney. She was all pout-face about losing the haute-couture contest (which she should've lost--that was a FUGLY dress), and then feeling sorry for herself the ENTIRE time she designed that cocktail dress...only to perk up like a flower freshly watered when she won? Does she acting like that is endearing?

I admit that I am a complete newbie to this show, but she really annoyed me.

Dara said...

I can't believe you haven't been watching, or that this lame episode was your first foray into the Runway.

The winner was Laura, and before we found out she was pregnant, she was the world's biggest hardass. The new, emotional side is quite different -- comparatively endearing.

Ryane said...

endearing, huh?? Wow. so,wait. She looks very pregnant--how long does this show last? If she wasn't preggers when it started, and now she is showing that much...??

And does Heidi always say all of her lines like she's automated? I really like her, I mean--she's beautiful and all that, but she delievers her lines exactly the same way each show. How is that possible?

Michael Kors is funny, though.

Dara said...

I think Heidi is a robot. It's exactly the same every single time.

Michael Kors always says something funny.

This season, Kayne and Robert were the funniest contestants. They'd show them sitting around saying funny things about everyone else. I think the show will be much too serious without them.

I'm sure Laura was pregnant when the show started, but she only just started showing and telling people about it a couple weeks ago. While I know they taped the bulk of the show in the late spring/early summer, I'm not sure how long it took. But I bet she's going to be very preggers when they show the reunion episode in a couple of weeks!