Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tax Bill

I somehow managed to get invited to the signing ceremony for the new tax bill.

The Post described the bill as "a $70 billion, election-year tax-cut package," and wrote that "Democrats quickly labeled the bill a boon to wealthy -- not average -- Americans."

I didn't go to the ceremony, mostly because I had to work.

Alas, this meant that I missed Katherine Harris standing behind the President and fiddling with her camera phone. Too bad, really.

Update: The DC Blogs website linked to this post this morning. Thanks, but I need to point out that, despite all the sports posts, I am a girl.


DSL said...

I'm going to forego my dignity as a woman to say "all the more reason to get rid of the sports posts!"

Dara said...

Sports actually only represents a very small portion of my total blogging. I would estimate that its's about 25% random celebrity stuff, 25% politics, 20% weird news stories, 10% quizzes, 10% weird Dara stories, and 10% sports. (That does add up to 100% right?)

It must have been the tax lawyer thing that threw them off.

Anonymous said...

its funny b/c most of those enjoying the new tax bill probably did have to work, or enjoy their trust fund... :)


KOB said...

Sorry ...