Monday, August 14, 2006

Tucker Carlson might be the next Drew Lachey

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I've been ignoring Tucker Carlson for a while now. After he had his ass handed to him by Jon Stewart, he pretty much dropped off my radar. I'm sure the move to MSNBC had something to do with that.

But now, he's decided to get back into the spotlight by joining Dancing With The Stars -- along with such notable has-beens and never-was-es like Jerry Springer, Harry Hamlin, and Mario Lopez (Slater from Saved By The Bell).

What a complete joke.

Although, I am now beginning to wonder how they're going to incorporate his trademark bowtie into his dancing costumes without making him look like a clown -- or at least more of a clown than usual.

Update: Thanks to Wonkette for the link. I am very flattered.


I said...

I was wondering if you were going to blog about this. According to Tucker's Executive Producer Willie Geist Tucker is taking this very seriously below is an excerpt from his blog:
"The early morning line out of Vegas will probably have Tucker as a long shot to get past the first week. My sincere hunch is that he’s going to surprise you. You see, Tucker is taking this very seriously. He’s bringing his exotic Eastern European dance partner on vacation with his wife and children. I’m not kidding. The odds are certainly against a man of so little natural ability and the competition is fierce (that Mario Lopez can really move), but I wouldn’t bet against Tucker Carlson."

I was more shocked to see Emmitt Smith former Gator on the roster and to some extent Vivica A. Fox as her career isn’t completely in the dumps.

Dara said...

I don't think it matters one way or another if Tucker Carlson loses quickly or wins the whole damn thing. He's now a punchline.

Even more so if the line about him taking his dance partner on vacation with his wife is true. Sounds like a divorce waiting to happen.

Emmitt Smith has nothing better to do, he's a retired football player. And has Vivica A. Fox done anything of significance since her couple minutes at the beginning of Kill Bill?

I said...

I totally agree on the Tucker point. I wasn't trying to make him look better. You can check out the blog at there is a clip of Tucker trying to dance (it does not bode well for him).
Some times doing nothing is better than making a full of one self on national TV. I don't think that the show did much for Jerry Rice, but at least Jerry Rice is not as big as Emmitt Smith and had the potential for grace. The same could be said for Tucker Carlson. An appearance on Dancing will not do anything to restore his failing career as a journalist and talking head.
As for Vivica A. Fox according to she has been busy the last couple of years, but I didn’t recognize most of the projects so I will concede the point. Although she has never been an A list actress and I guess an appearance on the show will not be as bad for her as it is for the men.
I have never watched the show before, but I might have to relinquish the last shred of self respect I have and watch this season.

Caroline said...

Jerry Springer goes to my temple (in Cincinnati)! Once my dad brushed against him and then I touched my dad's elbow, so it's like I've touched Jerry too!

Oh, and I recently noticed that a girl at my company who dresses like a 50 year old might have dressed, oh, say 20 years ago, has Slater as her background. Apparently she is behind the times in all categories of life.

Dara said...

You should definitely strike up a conversation with the girl about Slater and report back. Ask her why she likes him better than Zach. And let us know whether her cell phone looks like this.

Ryane said...

hahahahahahahah. those are hilarious pictures....

Dara said...

Ryane: I really wanted to make a fake picture with Tucker Carlson's face and bowtie superimposed on someone in a dance pose & costume. Alas, I was at work and my blogging time was limited. Plus, my photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired.

So, I came up with the above compromise. The picture of Tucker came right off the MSNBC website. The perfect clown picture was harder to find.

mad said...

Dara, you may have spotted this already, but the Toronto Star calls Tucker a naughty name:

Dara said...

Mad: Coincidentally, while drafting this post, I almost used the same insult -- and it's "bag" less variant.

Then I decided to go with "What a complete joke" to be less offensive. But I guess it's not that offensive if a newspaper can print it.