Friday, August 04, 2006

Today's random music

These are the random songs I listened to on my morning commute. Last week, I listed five random songs; this week I'll list six -- but only because the last one is U2. Here they are, in order:

  • Cold Hard Bitch, Jet
    I really liked this song when I first heard it. Now I'm kind of over it. Meh..

  • Trees, Marty Casey
    The runner-up on last year's Rock Star. I really liked him, but agree that he's not as good a fit for INXS as J.D. When I was up in Chicago a couple weeks ago, there were signs plastered all over the place for some concert/festival he was playing at up in Wisconsin.

  • Boys Don't Cry, the Cure
    This was the first Cure song that I ever heard. It's what, 30 years old now? Still an amazing, amazing song.

  • Don't Bother, Shakira
  • Yeah, Shakira. I'm not really a giant fan, but this is a great song. It's about jealousy. The lyrics are good, and she delivers it like someone who knows what she's talking about. Not that I buy it for a second.

  • Beautiful Day, U2
    My favorite band; not one of my favorite songs. Still, it's U2, so by definition, it's better than most. Plus, this is a live version, from the U2 Go Home: Live at Slane Castle DVD. The song is upbeat, about seeing the beauty and wonder in things even when they're not perfect. It's certainly a good way to start the day.


Needtsza said...

I obviously haven't been around for a few days, or my heads been up my butt. Nice Site!

You did change it around, right?

Well, I like it! I liked it before but now, it's uber-cool....most boring blog ever. pffttt

Ryane said...

yes, U2 does stand alone--although, I would take Wide Awake in America anyday over Beautiful Day...

Janet said...

Is it just me or was last year's batch of rockers so much more authentic then this year's group? That includes the rockers themselves, by the way.

Here through BE!:)

Dara said...

Needtsza: Thanks for the input.

Ryane: My favorite U2 song is Bad, and there's a great version of that on the Wide Awake in America EP. They played it live at one of the 2 DC concerts last October -- it was incredible!

Janet: I've been thinking about this quite a bit, and I"m starting to think that it's not a difference in the rockers as much as a difference in the band that they're auditioning for. INXS is more of a pop band; Supernova is clearly going to have more metal influences. So if the rockers tended more towards pop last year, it didn't seem so peculiar.

And yeah, something about the band itself just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's because they're not established -- and don't have a defined sound?

Yorkshire Soul said...

If you like Jet, try the Datsuns.

Dara said...

Yorkshire Soul: I'll see if I can find that. Thanks for the recommendation.

gimmebush said...

You have to get the following albums, they have my highest endorsement:

Genesis -- Trespass (1970), Nursery Chryme (1971), Foxtrot (1972), Selling England By The Pound (1973), and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974).

Seriously, I am not kidding.

Dara said...

Ted! Where have you been all month? I've sort-of been worried about you.

I was beginning to suspect that you might have quit your job to follow progressive rock bands around the country.