Thursday, August 10, 2006

Note to Michael Jackson

In the spirit of FOAD Thursday, here's a little note to Michael Jackson:

When I was a little kid, you were so cool. The Jackson 5 were the bomb. Thriller was a fantastic album. But since then, you've done nothing but make a mockery of yourself.

Perhaps you should be a man and stop blaming others for your problems -- particularly your recurring financial woes. Maybe you shouldn't have wasted your money on novelty items like the Elephant Man's bones and excessive cosmetic surgery. Perhaps living on a giant amusement park/zoo is unnecessarily extravagant.

And maybe, just maybe, the payments to all of those defense lawyers and the large settlements to young boys have something to do with your current situation.

Despite what you might believe, it's not a conspiracy.

Consider yourself on notice.


Angst On The Outskirts said...

Bad and Dangerous still rock.

Everything post 1991 is horrible.

Dara said...

Angst: I didn't like either. And Bad was when MJ started to seem weird to me. Creepy, even. Plus, I was already in middle school by that point, and had moved on to hair bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.