Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tennis, anyone?

So, after all the seriousness I inadvertently started earlier today, it was time for a little levity. Thanks to my place of employ, I got tickets to attend the Legg-Mason tennis tournament this evening.

Tennis is way more fun to watch in person. But it was hot as Hades outside. And, of course, I got to see Andre Agassi lose in an early round. It was kind of sad. I remember watching him first start out when I was in high school. Alas, now we're both old.

Here are my very bad -- and very small -- cameraphone pictures:

Agassi didn't play all that well, but showed some flashes of his old self -- particularly when he threw a racket.


Miss Scarlet said...

Agassi lost?! At least that makes my decision to try to go easier. bust!

Dara said...

Yep, Agassi lost. And Roddick withdrew. I'm trying to muster up some enthusiasm for Blake, but I haven't been able to do it.

I think the rest of the tourney is going to be a big snoozefest.

Bo W. said...

Thanks for the pictures, though I am sure Agassi is pissed you did not use a Canon power shot.

My best tennis picture ever? Front row Wimbledon of Kournakova, but it was overcast so I could only take a few pictures for worrying about the flash.

Dara said...

I didn't think to bring a real camera with me, so I only had the cameraphone. It's better than nothing!