Monday, August 21, 2006

Vacation -- and gas leak -- update

So, here I am, sitting in sunny South Florida -- actually, it's cloudy -- and what have I done all day? Absolutely nothing.

I did a lot yesterday -- I went to lunch with my parents, grandparents, sister, and brother-in-law. I visited my great-uncle in his assisted living facility. I even went to the gym. Alas, I didn't take any more fun pictures, but here's a picture of our very old family dog, Remy Martin:

Since yesterday afternoon, I've been sneezing. It's probably allergies, but . . . in any event, I'm trying to take it easy. Plus, the swelling in my elbow and numbness in my fingers is back -- although I'm sure that my clenching my fist in my sleep has something to do with it. So I'm doing as much nothing as possible.

Actually, that's not true. I checked my e-mail. And I read half of my book.

Anyway, I checked my voicemail yesterday, and got a message from my apartment maintenance that disturbed me. They said that the gas leak in my apartment was actually coming from my neighbors, who had left their stove on, so there was nothing for them to do in my apartment. Which to me, means that they never even looked at my apartment or my stove -- and didn't turn the gas back on.

I just left yet another message with management explaining, as patiently as possible, that even though some dumbass might have left their gas on, when Washington Gas came to my apartment, they actually found a real gas leak in one of the valves of my stove.

Management was quite surprised by this.

So, I told her where the leak was, and asked that she make sure that maintenance take a look at it -- and hopefully fix it and turn the stove back on -- before I get home tomorrow.

I think the odds are strongly in my favor that my stove will still not be working when I get home tomorrow at 8. Anyone want to bet an empanada on it?


Washington Cube said...

Knowing the history of maintenance men, bets. Hope you enjoyed your trip, however.

Dara said...

I'm enjoying the fact that I can sleep in and not work.

Sitting around watching tv with my folks is boring as hell, though. I can see why I can only do this for a few days each year.

Ryane said...

hahahaha. No, sorry...I hate to say it but, you're screwed!!! You will probably not have gas in your apartment until October....

Seriously--I hope they fix it. But at least you have empanadas in the event that they don't??? =-)

Dara said...

Ryane, on average, I use the stove about once every other week. So it's not like I can't manage without it. Plus, I still have the microwave.

Still, they better fix it. ASAP. And, if I even think I smell gas when I walk in to the apartment tomorrow, I will go ballistic.