Thursday, August 10, 2006


Last night, my office had a farewell party of sorts for the summer interns. I didn't eat that much, but boy did I drink! Between 8:30 pm and 1 am, I consumed the following beverages, in the following order:

  1. 2 Woodchuck Draft Cider
  2. 2 Diet Coke
  3. 2 Grey Goose and Soda
  4. 1 Kamikaze
  5. 1 Melonball
  6. 1 Carbomb

See how I start out all respectable and adult . . . but by the end of the night, I always manage to revert back to my former sorority girl ways.

I'm quite surprised that I don't feel worse today - especially after my last serious drinking episode. Maybe I should get my drink on more often. I hear there's a happy hour tonight . . . .


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mad said...

Whoa, you finished off the night with an Irish Carbomb -- that's what they call it in my neighborhood. I'm surprised after all that, you're still walking and talking. Must've been the Diet Cokes.

Is "Pat" trying to tell you something?

Dara said...

Mad, I'm surprised I'm functioning today. I shouldn't have been drinking with 25 year olds.

I really liked the carbomb. I like Guinness, so the whole thought of mixing something with it was weird to me, but it worked well -- it tasted like chocolate.

And as for Pat, well, whatever. Maybe it's because I'm a lawyer?

I said...

That isn't that much in 4.5 hours; I've seen you do much better. I'm just surprised you stayed out with work people that late.

Dara said...

Aah, but what I didn't specify was that the first 4 drinks were in the first three hours and the last 5 were in the last hour or so.

It was a lot of drinking for me, especially on a weeknight, and especially in a work situation. And, yeah, I'm surprised I stayed out with them so late.

Jason said...

You ENDED the night with a Carbomb? Come on Dara, that's a rookie mistake. I'm sure you've thrown up enough times to know better than that.

Dara said...

I never had a Carbomb before -- which is really weird too, because I'll pretty much drink anything.

The thing that worried me the most about it was the progression from cider to hard liquor and back to stout.

But I'm okay. A little tired, but okay. But that's what Diet Coke is for.

Ryane said...

I think that Lemon Law comment is comment-spam. I got a few like that whenever I first started my blog...If I am wrong, and the originator of the comment is offended--I apologize, but I know in my case, it was not a real blog/or blogger.

Also--thanks for the info. on the links: I probably will email you for the example...

PS: cute pic

Dara said...

Ryane: I don't know if it's comment spam, but usually I tend to ignore people that say "look at me, look at me."

The links section is really easy to set up.

And the pic is actually my 1st grade school picture. I found it the other day, and was surprised by how much it still looks like me -- only with bangs. That outfit was my mom's favorite -- it had a cute little plaid skirt, knee socks, and saddle shoes.

Yorkshire Soul said...

Have you read 'Smashed : Growing Up a Drunk girl' by Karen Zailckas ?

Dara said...

Yorkshire Soul: I hadn't even heard of it before! But now I'll have to find it, it sounds great!