Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend stuff: babies, shoes, and Sam Jackson

I decided that there are only two ways to respond to an existential crisis -- self-medication and retail therapy. Since there was a sales tax holiday this weekend, one of the two seemed a more obvious choice.

Then, after spending most of the day at the outlet mall, I went to go see Bo, his lovely wife, and their adorable baby.

Anyway, here are the new additions to the collection:

The first two are Nine West, the middle one is Michael Kors, and the last two are Old Navy.

An aside : Even though I am generally not pro-flip-flop for business purposes, I still understand their utility for weekend wear. And 2 pairs for $4.98 is too good to beat.

Besides, when you are klutzy like me, sometimes flip-flops are good.

I wish I would have been wearing them last Friday, when I went to go get my lunch. On the way back to the office with my sandwich, I got the heel of my shoe caught in the hem of my pants and went flying across the sidewalk. In the middle of Metro Center, with tons of people around. I landed on one knee and one hand, and my sandwich landed about a foot away from me. I was completely mortified.

Of course, I got over it pretty quickly, because when I stopped by my office to scrounge for change for a soda, my cell phone was ringing. It was Samuel L. Jackson.


KILROY_60 said...

Considering the context of this post, I suppose I should say Thank you for taking the step to add Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere to your link list.

I will add your link to my Blosophere Link Exchanges now.

When you have a chance, I'll look forward to visiting and what pots there might be on which you want to comment. I will follow your lead in that area.

Keep and eye out in any case, as I will be returning...and I always have something {sometimes too much} to say.


Ryane said...

LOVE the Michael Kors shoes...!

Dara said...

Ryane, they are great. I'm wearing them to work today.

Ryane said...

Shoes like that just make a rainy, squishy, sticky Monday in DC completely and totally worthwhile...

Justin S. said...

As Dan pointed out, Samuel L. Jackson stole my cel phone last Friday.

Dara said...

Ryane: It's weird how the shoes you're wearing can influence your whole perception of a day.

Justin: I thought you said that Sam had asked to borrow your cell phone.