Tuesday, July 25, 2006


In all likelihood, this might be my girliest blog ever.

I've already blogged about how my closet broke from the weight of too much clothing. Here are pictures of what my closet looks like, although, to be honest, it's missing a large pile of dry cleaning currently occupying my kitchen table, and a bunch of things sitting on top of my washing machine, waiting for the day that I magically have time to iron them.

Notice that, although the closet is jam-packed full of stuff, it is all organized and in color order. That, my dear readers, is clear evidence of OCD.

Here's the hall closet, which contains my coat and jacket collection, and, in the back, where you can't see it, my vast array of formalwear:

Really, though, the focus should be on the shoes. Here they are, in their glorious shoe-ness -- but be warned, this might take a while.

Casual Shoes/Sneakers/Flip-flops/Slippers:

Dress Shoes:


Answers to most likely questions:
1. Yes, that is the side of my foot in the last boot picture.
2. I counted 102 pairs.
3. There is one pair that is not pictured because it is currently under my desk at work. It is one of my favorite pairs, but the heels are about 3", so they are not conducive to commuting.
4. I really do love the Elmo slippers. They were a gift.
5. Favorite sneakers: blue Pumas, but I wore them out, and the ones I now have are not the same.
6. Favorite flip-flops or sandals: brown Birkenstocks.
7. Favorite boots: new Frye cowboy boots, purchased on recent trip to Chicago.
8. Favorite dress shoes: Lately, the black and white BCBG kitten heels. Honorable mentions: black Reaction with flower detail and pinkish-purple snakeskin Kenneth Cole.
9. Least comfortable: green and black Guess, black poie-de-soie Unlisted, and surprisingly, Born Mary Janes, because they give me blisters.
10. Most comfortable: Uggs. No contest.

I might do a handbag blog next.


Justin S. said...

My shoes...

Unless I'm forgetting something, I have 6 pairs. Black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, black casual shoes, white tennis shoes, black flip flops and brown Bierkenstocks.

I have another pair of black dress shoes and another pair of black casual shoes, but that's just because I haven't taken them to Goodwill yet.

And I'll probably get a new pair of tennis shoes soon, but, again, that's a replacement pair, and the old tennis shoes will go to Goodwill.

Dara said...

And, this, of course, is the fundamental difference between male and female. Well, maybe the physical differences are more fundamental, but you know what I mean.

I don't think I'm alone in the quantity of shoes, or the amount of clothing. Ladies, wanna help me on this?

mad said...

I'm betting that Imelda Marcos didn't have a pair of Elmo slippers. Yours are very nice. Wonder what would happen if you commuted to work in those!

Needtsza said...

A hand bag blog? If you're like any other girlie girl I know, a hand bag blog might just crash the whole internet!

Men, straight ones, will never understand the shoe thing (well, maybe just guys like me) or the clothes thing, but I can relate as my g/f has broken her closet multiple times. I put in two pieces of wood help hold it up.

Too funny, you ladies

Dara said...

Mad: I think my sister bought me the Elmo slippers. The same year that my parents got me a Tickle-Me-Elmo for Christmanukah. I was in law school at the time.

I do not think they'd go over well at work.

Needtzsa: I'm not really all that girlie. My handbag blog would be shorter than the shoe blog, but still quite impressive. I think womens' predisposition towards shoes is an anthropological result of Men=hunters women=gatherers. I should write an essay.

Miss Scarlet said...

Wow. You were not kidding! I am impressed.

Dara said...
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Dara said...

Scarlet: Uh, thanks. I'm actually impressed that my collection is only 103 pairs -- because it feels like more -- and that not all of them are black 2" heels.

Once, several years ago, my then-boyfriend and I were in discussions about living together. He expressed reservations about the size of my shoe collection -- which was only slightly smaller, and mostly consisted of black heels -- and asked me to get rid of some of them. This was the same boyfriend that spent more on one suit than I think I've spent on this entire shoe collection, at least before the Frye boots.

My mother wisely noted that such comment indicated a total lack of understanding of my gender and that, if I agreed, it would set a bad precedent.

Needless to say, the shoes won. Best decision of my life.

Anonymous said...


three pairs of slippers for a carpeted apt? an impressive collection-- I've been phasing out my higher heels, because they are no fun at work. the real question is which ones were on sale and which weren't. Sale shoes can be worn with more pride...


Dara said...

Pam, almost all were on sale. My mother taught me better than to pay full price for shoes (handbags are another story). The only ones that I know were not on sale were the Doc Martens, the brown birkenstocks, the David & Golliath "boy-girl" slippers, and the Old Navy flip-flops (which only cost like $5 anyway).

My kitchen isn't carpeted, thus the slippers. (Plus, the frogs and the D&G ones match pyjamas/bathrobes.) I used to have more, but when I bought the D&G ones, I threw out a couple of ratty old ones.

Caroline said...

Here's my question - how do you decide which pair of black heels to wear on any given day? The inability to solve that puzzle has limited my own collection, which falls somewhere between yours and Justin's.

(And, for the record, that is two posts in one night.)

Dara said...

Some are better for walking, some are better for sitting. Some are good for dancing. It all depends on what the day is going to hold.

Also -- weather. I would never wear a pair with a slick bottom on a rainy or snowy day. And in inclement weather, I'd probably choose a pair with a more substantial heel.

selva said...

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