Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Typical lunchtime random nonsense

My posts have been too personal lately. It's easier to write about random nonsense. Especially at lunch.

So, here's an article about how Kinky Friedman's nickname will appear on the ballot for Texas Governor this November. (Read more about Kinky Friedman's campaign here and here.)

And, speaking of Jews, Salon ran an interesting article on the lack of cool jews in pop culture. Of course it also negated it's thesis by having a related article about 10 relatively cool Jewish celebrities. It's actually pretty sad when the best we have to offer is Jake Gyllenhaall, who is primarily known for portraying a gay cowboy and a deranged teenager.

Update: Read DCist to find out why, at least in DC, there's no such thing as a free slurpee.


Just Expressing Myself said...

I say Kinky for President!
Thanks for sharing
Found you on BlogExplosion.
Take care,

DSL said...

I hate SALON. I didn't want to log in so I watched the ad and never did get to the article.

By the way, I'm perfectly happy with Jake Gyllenhaal if you don't want him.

Dara said...

Frances: Thanks for commenting! I'm not committed to backing Kinky for President just yet, but so far, he's the best alternative!

Debby: Salon is a pain in the ass, but the articles are kind of interesting.

And don't get me wrong, I think Jake Gyllenhaal is quite attractive, but in a sort-of man-boy - not fully developed and still somewhat geeky and awkward - kind-of way. But I think I find Liev Schreiber the most attractive of all of the Jewish celebrities listed.

DSL said...

Unfortunately I never made it to the list.

Dara said...

I know I haven't seen you since Saturday, but last time I checked you were neither male nor celebrity.

DSL said...

At first I couldn't figure out what you were referring to. Ha...ha...very funny. So who's on the list?

I said...

Scarlett Johansson and Amanda Peet are Jewish?! who knew. Also as much as I adore Jon Stewart he plays the nuerotic jew much better than most. I agree with Dara the list of cllo Jews is lacking any real hotties. I love Liev Schreiber, but he is not a leading man (why is beyond me). BTW why is David Duchovny not on the list? I don't know of any cooler Jew than him. I found these cool sites looking for famous Jews:

Justin S. said...

That Salon article was extremely pointless. Who cares? The list of guys they mentioned from the 60's aren't exactly a bunch of studly. And the article completely overlooked Jeremy Piven. And Matisyahu. And the Beastie Boys. I don't think it's any more cool or less cool to be Jewish than it's ever been.

Dara said...

Jeremy Piven generally plays the dorky mensch. And he's short.

Matisyahu is Hasidic. Even if he is a rapper, there's nothing cool about that. And, while the Beastie Boys are cool, they also manage to do it in a dorky Jewish way.

There's a definite lack of a Jewish Brad Pitt-type.

DSL said...

I give up. Don't tell me.

Dara said...

Debby, I thought you were jesting, since, after all, I linked to the list.

1. Adrien Brody

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Liev Schreiber

4. Jason Schwartzman

5. Adam Brody

6. James Franco

7. Matt Stone

8. Alex Greenwald

9. Shia LaBeouf.

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

DSL said...

So much confusion. :-p No, as noted earlier, I never made it to the list because of the stupid Salon site.

I don't even know who half these people are.

Justin S. said...

Well, that's the problem of the article. It tries to do two things that aren't compatible. One, it wants to make the point that there's no Jewish Brad Pitt... fair enough, kind of a point that goes nowhere, but fair enough. But it also laments for the days of cool Jews like.... Billy Joel, Dustin Hoffman, Randy Newman and Spock. Guess what. None of them were Brad Pitt types either! And then it goes on to dismiss people like Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, and Adam Sandler as clowns, when in fact they are some of the most successful entertainers of recent years, and personally, I'd say they all are, or at least have been at points, relatively cool.

Justin S. said...

Adrien Brody negates the thesis pretty well in my book. He's a very good actor and would be much more likely to play a major badass than a nebbish, I'd think.

Also, according to this list...


Daniel Day Lewis is Jewish. You don't get more badass than Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York.

Dara said...

Justin, exactly.

Not to mention that it's always a bad idea to try to make a point and then list things that may contradict your point.

Justin S. said...


Orlando Bloom is Jewish. I think this puts the nail in the coffin.

DSL said...

I'm not sure how you mean that Justin, but I'm going to go with James Franco. (They're all so young on this list!) I don't think I've seen anything with Liev Shreiber but I might be mistaken.

Justin S. said...

I meant that Orlando Bloom seems alot closer to the Brad Pitt type.

Dara said...

Orlando Bloom seems kind of little boyish to me. (Elf-like perhaps.) Maybe in 5-10 years.

And, for the record, according to Wikipedia, the man who he thought was his father is Jewish, but his actual biological father is not.

DSL said...

Orlando Bloom is a waif. Adrien Brody is an adult waif.