Monday, July 31, 2006

My take on Mel Gibson

So, this Mel Gibson thing really has become a big deal. When I first posted it on Friday, I was of the opinion that something was going to come out disproving the allegations of the anti-Semitic comments.

Alas, it seems to be true, and it now seems that, as Perez Hilton writes, "The fall-out has begun." Everyone's all up in arms about it, and the consensus is that Gibson fucked himself. Although, I don't think it was a particularly far fall from grace, considering that the only really good movie that he ever made was Braveheart, and the English would tell you that it was a load of historically inaccurate crap.

Of course, I wholeheartedly echo Justin's sentiments: Screw him.

I don't really care if he is an alcoholic and made a mistake, or whatever he's claiming. Maybe that excuse flies for the drunk driving, and maybe even for the sexist remark to the female officer. But the rest is inexcusable.


Justin S. said...

I didn't even like Braveheart. For me, the one good movie he ever made was Signs. And that even had hints of the Christian superiority complex he was about to embark on.

mad said...

mel gibson got drunk
got his ass in a big jamb
nick nolte for saint!

Dara said...

Justin: As discussed with you previously, I didn't love Signs. It was okay. I really liked Braveheart, thought it was really well done. But I've seen a lot of movies that were way better than that.

Mad: How're these?

Mel Gibson got drunk,
drove his car way too fast, and
then fought with some cops.


Mel Gibson got drunk
said some insensitive things
bet he's sorry now!

I could haiku this all night!

mad said...


mel gibson got drunk
got hisself in a big jamb
how'd he get out the slam?

Dara said...

They just keep getting better.

mad said...

Last one, I promise...

mel gibson got drunk
said some things that weren't nice
white boy gotta mouth

Dara said...

One more point about this: one of the guys that wrote the AP article is named Gary Gentile.

Not a joke.

Bo W. said...

I have read Mel's written apology now. I truly hope it is sincere. I am not Jewish so maybe I do not have much of a say on this, but I wonder how this will go over and whether the Jewish community will forgive him. While I am a big believer in forgiveness of some one if that person's apology is truly sincere, to me the whole issue here is how sincere is he on this. So, my effort Haiku:

mel's apology
is it to save his career
or is it sincere?

Dara, you blog is never boring!

DSL said...

Although not a big fan of Mel at the moment, I do have to give him some credit for a) issuing the apology immediately and b) not trying to use spin or denial to alleviate the situation. Quite frankly, I wish all our public figures could learn that if you're going to be an ass, this is the best way to deal with the situation.