Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not about shoes

I'm sure everyone's already bored by the shoeblogging. So, I'll keep this light.

Check out the 30-second bunny version of Office Space. And, take The Office Space Movie Test.
One of the guys

Congratulations! You scored 84!

Show me you Ooooo face! You know that works sucks, but that this movie doesn't!

You are just one of the guys, trying to make it in this big world. Great job, next time I bet you will do even better!

And, if that's not enough fun for you, check out this video of U2 and Bruce Springsteen performing "Because the Night".

1 comment:

Needtsza said...

Funny. I just sent that comic on to a friend. I see we get the same daily comic email =)!!

And yea, I think the peanut musta been in the sauce because when I asked them about it, they had no idea what I could be talking about.

Have fun at baseball tonight. Go Nats!! (and Red Sox)