Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bob Dylan

Justin blogged about Bob Dylan: The Musical earlier today. My gut reaction is that since Twyla Tharp is involved, (a) it will be a ballet and not really a musical and (b) it'll suck. I mean, that woman managed to ruin Billy Joel!

Anyway, I found this neat Bob Dylan Lyrics Quiz. Surprisingly, I got 8 of 10 right. (I missed the last two.)


Justin S. said...

I got 9 of 10, but that's mostly because in all the sets of answers there was one Dylan song and 3 non-Dylan songs.

To be fair, looking through here wikipedia entry, I think Twyla Tharp is ok at what she does... she just needs to stay away from doing anything that involves rock stars.

Dara said...

Yes, she's a great choreographer. So was Bob Fosse. But he actually directed musical theater, with a plot, characters, dialogue, and singing, e.g., Chicago.

Movin' Out was a ballet set to Billy Joel songs. Little plot, no dialogue, just people dancing expressively to music. Yawn.

Galli Galli Sim Sim said...

Point A: Broadway musicals are intended for an audience transported from the hinterlands in giant Trailways buses, thus a little exposure to Twyla Tharp/modern dance (she ain't ballet) can only help refine the masses.

Point B: Considering how pathetically dated and whimped-out Billy Joel is, how could anyone do any more damage to him than his own tunes already do?

mad said...

Hmmm, this sounds as a bad an idea as Mel Gibson doing the Three Stooges.