Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Famous people do the darndest things!

I think the Bob Dylan musical is going to be bad, but I'm sure it can't even compete with the upcoming David Hasselhoff musical. Especially after seeing that new music video.

I'm going to have to come up with a better word than "suckfest," but right now, I'm drawing a blank.

In other music-related news Steely Dan is writing strange letters about Owen Wilson's new movie. Apparently, the band thinks that You, Me, and Dupree steals its plot -- and it's character name -- from their song. Of course, the weirdest part is that the band directed the letter to Owen's brother, Luke. Seriously.

While you're at it, read about Jeremy Piven on J-Date.

Why would anyone need to make up fake celebrity news whan the real stuff is so gosh darn silly?


Justin S. said...

I was hoping that was going to be a link to an actual Jeremy Piven J-date profile.

Dara said...

I was kinda hoping the same thing. But this is plenty weird.

mad said...

Them boys (Steely Dan) definitely have too much time on their hands. Wait till they find out I bought their "Best of" CD from some street vendor in Hong Kong for $1 HK.