Sunday, July 23, 2006

I did not have to work today!

I had my first complete day off from work since July 4th. But even though I'm still not feeling entirely well, I did not spend the day sitting around on my butt. After running all sorts of errands in the morning, like picking up my dry cleaning and renewing my lease, I spent the rest of the day having fun.

First, I went to the Kennedy Center to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company's show "The Complete History of America (abridged)." The show was interesting and funny, even though some of the jokes were of the sort that my grandfather tells. The best part, though, was when people walked into the show late and the cast actually stopped the show to make fun of them.

After the show, Justin and I both remarked that the only thing that would have been funnier was if someone's cell phone rang during the show.

Then, I went out to dinner and to see Clerks 2. It was good, not great. If you like Kevin Smith's movies, I'm sure you'll probably like this one, too. Salon's review is 100% right.

And, for those that read these sort of things, here's the WaPo Express's interview with Kevin Smith.


Needtsza said...

Swweet! I'll see it tommorrow, if I'm not in AC.

Anyway, sounds like a great day off. Congratz

mad said...

What self-respecting dry cleaner is open on SUNDAY! Glad you're feeling (somewhat) better.

Dara said...

Needtsza: You won't be disappointed. Although, AC might be more fun.

Mad: The dry cleaner was open because this post was from yesterday, Saturday. My dry cleaner would not have been open had I waited until today.