Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chicago trip starts . . . now!

In just five short minutes, I am on my way to Chicago to see one of my two favorite siblings, who goes by the self-appointed alias Def Leppard. (Why? I have no clue. Ask him.)

For those that don't know, I am the oldest of three children. I am four years and six weeks older than Def Leppard, the youngest. We have a sister precisely in the middle.

Coincidentally, earlier today I read this article on CNN about the study of sibling relationships. It's a popular topic.

I like to think that I had a positive effect on my siblings. They'd probably disagree.

On an unrelated note, Slate also had a topical article about how to plan a fireworks display, which apparently is was way more complicated than it seems. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be back in time to see the always impressive Fourth of July fireworks over the Washington Monument.

Have a good holiday!


NotCarrie said...

I'm sure you were a great sibling! And if Def Leopard disagrees, just hit him;)

Dara said...

Thanks, NotCarrie. I can't really hit him anymore, because despite having the same parents, he's way bigger.

Then again, even though I was the oldest, I was never the biggest or the strongest, so my general method was to win the verbal sparring, and if it turned physical, to get one good hit in and run fast.