Sunday, July 23, 2006

More weekend fun

Two whole days off in a row! Reclaiming my weekend was so relaxing, and my cough is now almost entirely gone.

Today, I went to the ballgame. Not only was the weather fantastic, but the Nats wound up sweeping the Cubs for their "grand reopening" of RFK. I don't know that I was really expecting all that much change, but they did some nice new things. They cleaned up the landscaping out in front of the stadium, and apparently, added all sorts of new food options, including Capital-Q and Hard Times Cafe. The live-action "Presidents Race" is better than it was when it was just on the jumbotron, but is still nothing special. I took a picture from my cameraphone, but you still can't really see anything important:

Then I got home, ran some errands, and did some laundry while watching my DVD's of the first season of Gilmore Girls. Now I am entirely relaxed. It's too bad I have to ruin it by going in to work tomorrow.

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