Friday, July 14, 2006

How to make the most out of being a complete idiot

1. Write a politically-charged blog post about an article that you do not realize is satire.
2. Attract thousands of negative comments, mostly insulting your intelligence.
3. Unsuccesfully attempt to recast your original blog post as satire.
4. Get mentioned in an online chat hosted by the Washington Post's humor columnist.
5. Have Salon write an article about the whole ordeal, casting you as equal parts silly, sympathetic, and misunderstood.


Useless Man said...

I successfully achieved Number 1. Well, I started a blog. And I made a post. No one has really noticed though. It does include some satire though.

Justin S. said...

You forgot to add getting parodied on The Nose Knows

mad said...

Damn, why didn't I ever think of that. This is the kind of marketing strategy they just don't teach you in college. Too bad he disconnected his comments.

Laura said...

He's also been mentioned on Melissa McNamara's Blogphile over at She even linked to my post about this. Dara, I have you to thank for this. I was oblivious to the fun until I saw it here.

Dara said...

Useless man: I don't know how to help. Maybe you should add a picture of a fetus to garner more attention.

Justin: I don't think your blog was the only one.

Mad: I think that if this doofus went to college, perhaps his strategy would have been different. Note his vitriol directed towards the "intellectual left."

Laura: Getting quoted by Blogphile is so cool! I'm jealous. And, for the record, I love your site.