Monday, July 24, 2006

So much to say

Did you ever have so much to say that you don't even know how to start? That's how I am on this blog lately. I've got stories that I want to tell, but I'm holding back for various reasons. So mostly, I'm just linking to stuff. Not that that's really a bad thing. But if any of you got a glimpse inside my head, you'd be surprised.

Just sayin'.

On with the lunchtime show.

Did anyone read the story last week about the guy who was convicted 17 years after killing his family because he was grounded?

Obviously, this guy is crazy. I was grounded a lot, and not once did the thought of violence enter my mind. My parents once grounded me for 40 days for being 40 minutes late, and another time, grounded me so that I missed the U2 concert where my friend Rani met The Edge and Larry Mullen, Jr. So, once I figured out that no matter how hard I tried, I would still piss my parents off, I figured out how to sneak out of the house. It was that easy.

Here's another person I don't understand -- George Michael. With all his wealth and celebrity, he's out trolling for sex in parks? Seems to me like he just wants to get in trouble.


DSL said...

Come on Dara, just let it out, however it comes. Or are you afraid if you tell your stories that we'll share ours too? ;-) Actually, I should say mine. No one's seen entirely into my brain, and believe me, no one wants to.

Dara said...

Debby, it only has a little to do with you. And trust me, I am waiting for the day that you actually start sharing your stories.

But I can't just write whatever I please; I have to be a little careful. People I work with -- and have worked with before -- occasionally read this blog. My family members occasionally read this blog. And, although he doesn't comment, my sitemeter reveals that at least one ex-boyfriend is reading this blog. (And I wish he wouldn't. I mean, really. Give a girl a little space.)

I also can't say mean things about my friends here. Even when they suck. :P

It all boils down to the fact that there's a whole bunch of stuff that's either (1) too weird to share with anonymous strangers or (2) I'd be more comfortable sharing with anonymous strangers. So, I edit myself.

Maybe one day I'll get over it.

DSL said...

hmmm...I see what you mean. And you know that I'm a big editor, in every sense of the word, for better or for worse. Well, you can always write that book.

DSL said...

Wasn't trying to pry. It just seemed like you really wanted to say some things, that's all. But now I see why you don't.

Dara said...

I do really want to say things. But I'm cognizant of the fact that this isn't a really good forum for some of the things I really want to say.

And there will be a book one day. Maybe not anytime soon, but since I've been writing my entire life, there's bound to be a book at some point.

Travel Italy said...

There are many strange people out there and then there are the ones that are genetic mistakes. I am not sure that both the kid and George Michael are in different categories...

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mad said...

Yeah, getting too personal on the Net has its risks. In my case, it made me realize, How much more boring can my life get? So I stopped.

As for George, what's this world coming to when you can't even have casual, high-risk sex in the park with some bloated, pot-bellied truck driver without the whole damn world finding out about it?