Thursday, July 20, 2006

Venting my anger

I just now found this new website, dedicated to encouraging everyone to take some time each Thursday to tell whomever is pissing you off to fuck off and die.

Generally, I'd jump at the chance to take them up on this offer. But I'm not really pissed off at anyone particular this week -- I'm just annoyed at still having this damn cold.

Hey, wait a second! I guess I should tell whomever gave me this cold to f.o.a.d. So there!

I guess if I really was pissed off at someone, I could start a whole website devoted to my gripe. Maybe it would get listed here.

And speaking of gripe sites, here's the biggest one of all ITMFA -- which is dedicated to impeaching the president. It was started by the funniest purveyor of dating/sex advice ever, Dan Savage.


Justin S. said...

Crap, I didn't see this until Friday.

Dara said...

Guess you'll have to wait until next week then. I'm going to have to start keeping notes.

Needtsza said...

Savage. So funny! I like the idea of having a rant and raving blog.

I used to do that much more, but I think I've mellowed. Soon, I'll be back to teaching and having fits on the daily. I'll have to save the web address ;)

and yea. Like Justin, but can I bitch today? F YOU DR. MAYDEN!!!!