Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Morgan Spurlock goes to jail

Following his recent controversial speech, Morgan Spurlock got sent to jail in Richmond, VA. But, apparently, it was only for his TV show:
Morgan Spurlock checked into the Henrico County Jail in February and left with some shattered stereotypes.
An agreement was signed, and Spurlock was processed at Henrico's Jail West on Feb. 8, after he was "sentenced" to 30 days in jail for a phony contempt-of-court charge. The show's production company paid for the cost of the incarceration.
"He lived in a cell like everybody else," Wade said. "We treated him just like an inmate."

Well, not exactly. He got to leave after 24 days.

Still, I am very glad that 30 Days is coming back to TV. The first episode -- about what it's like to live on minimum wage -- was one of the best things I've ever watched. Period. So, even though this jail thing seems like a stunt, I'll be watching.


Justin S. said...

I actually was quite annoyed by the minimum wage episode. Especially when he went to the free clinic for spraining his thumb or something.

The best episode of 30 Days was the white Christian guy who had to live in a Muslim community.

DSL said...

I agree with Justin on that first episode. Watching two whiny, overprivelaged people try to deal with the reality of povery for only 30 days was a bit tiresome.

DSL said...

And I'm pissed at Morgan for that speech. Now I can't respect him.

Dara said...

I liked the minimum wage episode in spite of the liberal upper-middle class whining, or maybe even because of it. It made me realize how much of my own overprivileged life I take for granted, and how hard others have to work just to get by.

Of course, that doesn't stop me from kvetching about breaking my closet, freaking out about a mouse, or any of the other minor inconveniences I experience on a daily basis. (I mean, y'all have heard me bitch about taking the bus on several occasions.)

DSL said...

We're all going to have to do something where we have to take the bus all over town, and the first person who whines gets to pay for lunch.

Dara said...

I won't whine until we're off the bus. Not even if a messy kid starts eating McDonald's next to me. I'll just hand him a handi-wipe and get on with my day.

And if it's the circulator bus, I won't whine at all. They're new, and clean, and comfortable.