Thursday, June 22, 2006

NYC for a day

So, I had to come up to NYC for work yesterday afternoon. (And no, I did not run into Kevin Federline in Times Square. Too bad, really, since it seems that he had a good time.)

I'm working out of the firm's New York office today, and will catch a shuttle flight home this evening.

Coincidentally, it was my aunt's birthday, so I got to spend some quality time with the extended family.

I hope to post some pictures once I get back.

Update: Here are the two best of the crappy pictures I managed to take on my camera phone.


Chris said...

LOL. I went to law school with Spencer Farris. He's a local plaintiff's attorney. Good guy.

Needtsza said...

did your work include the Tom Petty show? Oh wait....that was Tuesday. Well, just got back from NYC last night.

HBday Auntie