Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News of the Day: Craziness, Ironies of Fate, and Celebrity Gaydar

In one of the most notorious cases in quite some time, Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity of the murders of her five kids.

I think this was the right verdict. The woman was clearly batshit crazy. Although, with five kids under the age of 8, I'm not sure that it would take a lot to push anyone over the edge.

In completely unrelated news, in Boston, a woman was killed while visiting the memorial to her brother -- at the site of his death, on the anniversary thereof, and at almost the exact same time. Coincidence? Cosmic irony? Either way, it's exceptionally strange.

And finally, the biggest news of the day is that Lance Bass of N'Sync is gay. This, apparently, moved the WaPo Express to write poetry, and caused Defamer to revisit old McDonalds' commercials for tell-tale clues.

Justin, Debby, and I had a very amusing e-mail correspondence on the matter. My conclusion was that "Timberlake and Fatone are not gay. J.C. is questionable, but I think it's just metrosexual. The one with the weird white-boy dreadlocks is clearly asexual. In short, only the music is gay."

Justin thinks that only Justin Timberlake is not gay, because of his dating history. He thinks that the fact that J.C. allegedly dated Tara Reid makes him more likely to be gay because, "Anyone who publicly proclaims he dated Tara Reid is obviously just covering for the fact that he's gay."

Debby's willing to give the married one the benefit of the doubt.

What do you folks think?


Jason said...

Wasn't Fatone the one in the Big Fat Greek Wedding movie? Definitely gay...not that there's anything wrong with that.

So, did you "boo" Bonds the other night? You know you wanted to.

Dara said...

Yeah, but Fatone has a wife and a kid, which makes him presumptively not gay, until he declares otherwise.

I wound up sitting in prime Bonds-booing seats (Row 4 of Section 105, right near the Giants dugout) instead of my own, but I managed to not boo Bonds. I did, however, applaud when he made an out. Reluctantly, I have to admit that he made at least one nice play in left. But his swing -- on the rare occasions that he did swing the bat -- looked weak.

Anonymous said...

Finally justice has been done. Not only did she have five kids under the age of eight,she was home schooling them so it was HER 24/7. And her husband strikes me as the type who expected supper when he got home and his shirts ironed. He KNEW this woman wasn't well and still he left her with all that stress.

Dara said...

Anonymous: I don't disagree. Too much stress for a woman who tried to kill herself before and had been institutionalized on several occasions.

And, if you're having conversations with Satan, and think that it's better for your kids to be dead than with you, there should be no doubt that you are insane under the legal standard.