Thursday, August 17, 2006

Recycled fashion

Tonight's Project Runway was all about making dresses out of recyclable materials. I loved Jeffrey's dress, and was a little disappointed that he came in second. But the judges were right -- Alison's dress was by far the worst, easily surpassing both Kayne and Vincent's monstrosities.

Coincidentally, I found this site earlier today, which makes surprisingly cute handbags out of recycled candy wrappers.

This is the one I want:


Nicole said...

So, now I'm hooked on Project Runway -- simply because I made the mistake of watching an episode when waiting in the airport. Ugh. This expands my reality-tv watching to 2 shows. I liked Jeffrey's design fine, but I definitely liked Michael's better. (Kayne's was awful, but it seemed the judges gave him a pass because he's skilled at sewing?) I find it really hard to root for Jeffrey on anything because he's soooo unlikeable and nasty. Laura (though tightly-wound and at times patronizing) pegged it with her comment to Jeffrey about if he's so great, why is he there? And what's with the quacking? I like the recycled candy wrapper purse. Do you think they clean the wrappers in some way before using them to construct it?

Dara said...

I never really watched reality tv until this show.

I think Jeffrey's playing the role of cocky smartass since Keith was kicked off. The show needs a bad guy. But his stuff is always interesting. I thought that Michael's top was fantastic, but the skirt was boring. I'd rather see something interesting.

Everything Laura makes looks exactly the same. Plunging v-neck, simple lines. She's going to get into trouble for that at the end.

They must clean the wrappers. Otherwise the bags would attract ants. But they'd probably smell delightful!

Taylor said...

i thought kayne's was a trainwreck, but since he's been nothing but flawless up until this episode, i knew there was no way they were sending him packing. alison's was fugly and a boring color ... and that bow on the chick's head???

michael's top was cute, but the rest was blah. so what if he's "really smart" and can picture each material as a different fabric?

jeffrey is an ass, and i've thought that even before keith was kicked off.

laura crossed the line from snarky/sarcastic/comically condescending into bitchdom last night. i still love her stuff, but i agree that it's largely the same. robert was called on being boring, so it's only a matter of time until laura gets the same fate.

Dara said...

OMG, Taylor, I just read your post on this week's Runway and I totally agree.

Ryane said...

I don't watch Project Runway--in fact, I don't watch much reality TV at all, but now I feel strangely compelled to see what would cause someone to win a FOAD award for clothing!! Wait--is it on cable or regular TV? I live in bedrock and we don't get pay-cable I may be SOL. Shit.

I have seen those purses and they are cute...only--i wonder what happens if they get wet?? It's paper...right??

Dara said...

Ryane: It is on cable, on Bravo. But if you want to see for yourself, check out Blogging Project Runway.

I think that with one exception -- when Angela was working with a group -- her and Vincent's designs are so bad every single week that the only conceivable reason that they're still in the competition is because the judges and/or producers want to create drama (b/c they're both very weird).

The Ecoist website says that the purses are "Eco-friendly, sturdy and waterproof" and offers a money-back guarantee.

I said...

I agree that Alison's dress was hideous this week, but like Kayne here stuff was flawless. They also pointed out that her model was much bigger that the other models, and she should not be penalized for it. I did not like one single thing that Vincent has created so far.

As for the candy wrapper bags, I doubt that the wrapper have been used they probably by them new form the manufacture

Dara said...

Inbal: On more inspection, the website seems to indicate that the bags are made from unused candy wrappers, mostly ones with errors or for discontinued products. So, the bags won't smell like candy. Well, not unless you keep candy in your bag.