Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dave Navarro, Rock Star, and Johnny Depp

Even though Justin will give me shit for it, here's my quick thoughts on last night's Rock Star:

  1. I did not think Dilana's performance was as good as the judges seemed to think it was. And her piercings are excessive. Although, in retrospect, it could be worse.
  2. I did not think Toby's performance was as bad as the judges seemed to think it was.
  3. Once again, Zayra was bizarre. But Ryan was unexpectedly weird, too.
  4. Best of the night: Magni. Actually, it's probably Lukas, but something about him annoys me.
  5. Going home: Jill or Patrice, but should be Zayra.

And, if you missed it or want to read a great recap, check out the one at TVgasm. It's too funny.

Anyway, I've been reading Dave Navarro's blog again, and ran into a link to an interesting article about him. On his blog, Dave seems to be a pretty good writer, and is quite open. Plus, he reminds me that I really do like boys that wear eyeliner. Although, my feelings for Johnny Depp might change if it's true that he's making an album of pirate songs.


Ryane said...

Yeah, but if there is a really great picture of Johnny Depp on the cover of said album of Pirate songs...might not that make them easier to hear?? haha.

That was a good article about Dave Navarro...

Dara said...

I don't think I won't be able to get past the whole "pirate song" thing, even for Johnny Depp.