Friday, August 25, 2006

Stupid links I click on

So, I check out this random site -- The Death Psychic -- and, as advertised, it predicts my death as "While taking a leisurely stroll down a country road, a distracted farmer runs you over with his combine, shredding your body into ribbons."

I always knew I hated being in the country. Now I know why. (Note to self, stay away from farm equipment.)

Seriously, though -- I keep clicking on this type of stupid shit, thinking that it'll amuse me, and therefore, the blogosphere*. Mostly, it just makes me wonder how so many people have so much free time.


*God, do I hate that word! But I couldn't think of anything better.


Justin S. said...

For me....

"While playing around with a friend's gun, you inadvertently shoot yourself in the head. You die instantly."

Dara said...

" . . . and then some jackass named Ted uses your death to lobby for harsher gun safety laws."