Monday, August 28, 2006

Lunch at a different Cosi

FYI, my infamous Cosi is being rennovated.

Not that it's really the reason, but I had lunch at the Cosi by the White House today. Unlike my typical experience, it was neither crowded nor disorganized. Is this what all the non-Metro Center Cosis are like?

Anyway, while walking back, amongst the typical crowd of tourists, I walked right by a guy reading out loud from the (seemingly Christian) bible to the White House. I'm not sure if he was worshipping the damn thing or conducting some kind of protest. Either way, I found it a little disturbing.

I also saw a woman, her hair wrapped in an American flag scarf, bending over into the railing, talking quietly to the grass. I hope they can hear her.


gimmebush said...

I second the concerns over the loss of the G & 12th Street Cosi.

My arctic gigante vanilla latte and granola was sorely missed this morning. But I did have a mocha peanut butter Ice Rage at the Seattle place. Not bad. Not bad.

I have gotten over their overpriced sandwiches and have switched to a phenomenal sandwich at Naan & Beyond on 13th & F. A lamb tikka, with some mint sauce and hot sauce. mmmmmmm.

Dara said...

Ted, from what I hear, it's only a temporary closure. It's just so much better than the two other close-in quick sandwich/salad choices (Lawson's and Au Bon Pain) . . . .

But I think the best sandwiches are at Cafe Phillips.

Ryane said...

hahahaha--the person talking to the grass is a funny visual. I once walked by a guy who was screaming at the bus shelter...something about how it had let him down.

It makes me think of S&TC, when Carrie sits next to that older woman in the deli, and after she orders her matzo ball soup, the old lady next to her starts sprinkling lithium on her ice cream...

At least lunch won't be boring for you down on Penn. Ave., right??