Sunday, August 20, 2006

Playing with food

My sister and I get extremely goofy when we spend any time together.

We went to Buca de Beppo for dinner last night, and took a bunch of cameraphone pictures -- first with the cardboard cutout of the old Italian lady out front, and then of my sister goofing around with a giant bowl of tiramisu and an equally large spoon.*

But she'd kill me if I posted any of those pictures online.** Instead, I bring you food art:

We also went to the mall, and, while there, surreptitiously took a picture of our parents sitting while waiting for us. Actually, it looks like Dad might be sleeping.

Maybe I'll have something equally funny after lunch.

*Yes, I am 30 and she is 28, and no, this is not appropriate behavior. But my siblings and I have really been this silly our entire lives. Like the time when I was home from college and we stayed up all night making a tape of us burping, which we put in my mom's car stereo for her to listen to on her way to a work appointment first thing in the morning.

** Another funny thing we did was repeatedly announce the various stages of our cell phones while sending things via bluetooth to each other. We'd loudly announce "Seeking," "Connecting," "Approving," "Copying," or whatever, and then laugh.

This annoyed our parents. But I think that's because they were jealous that they couldn't bluetooth with their cell phones.


Ryane said...

Sibling games are the best... Glad to hear your apartment didn't blow up.

Dara said...

Based on my conversation with the apartment folks today, I'm starting to think there's still a chance.

Ryane said...

Hey wait--you are a lawyer, right?? Does the management office at your apartment know this? They can't seriously be telling a lawyer (especially one w/missing interns) that her neighbor's have a gas leak...but...
It's NOT a problem. hahaha.