Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reality tv update

Ryan got the encore on Rock Star tonight, but other than Jill being in the bottom three, my picks were totally off. Although, how the hell was Zayra safe? People must be deaf. I kind of feel bad for Dana. Her performance was really, really good tonight, and she still had to go home.

As far as I'm concerned, the only contestants who still deserve to be there are Magni, Dilana, Storm, and Toby. Maybe Ryan, after this week, if he can keep it up. At the beginning, I really liked Patrice, but I thought she was the worst of the three tonight, and she should have gone home. Zayra and Josh are so wrong for the band, in completely different ways. Lukas just annoys me. And Jill looks -- and usually sounds -- like a leftover from Vixen.

Meanwhile, on Project Runway, everyone was right about Keith going home; just no one got the reason right.

Why would someone that talented feel the need to cheat by keeping pattern books? It doesn't make any sense. And, because it's apparently backwards day, Angela actually won the challenge. Although, I have to admit, her design turned out really well.

Clearly, I need to get over this reality tv fixation and find something else to do with my Wednesday nights.

"Ask Dara Anything" has been fun. I think I'm going to post it on the sidebar, so that people can keep asking me questions as they arise. Although, at tax time, it might be a bad idea.


Justin S. said...

So you make fun of American Idol and now you blog about Rock Star? You know it's the same thing, right? Possibly even worse, because a rock band that chooses it's lead singer on a reality show is on a whole different level of lame, not to mention anything invloving Tommy Lee is automatically hideous.

Dara said...

I don't think I ever really made fun of American Idol. I just never got into it.

I have, however, made fun of your obsessive blogging about it. But you're a boy, and American Idol was designed for preteen girls.

Yes, I know the two shows are not dissimilar. And trust me, Rock Star is not worse, and not more lame than American Idol.

I love Tommy Lee. I had Motley Crue posters all over my bedroom as a teenager. I also love Dave Navarro. I think more boys should get tattoos and wear eyeliner.

Jason said...

I might have to steal your "ask anything" idea.

For a couple of years now I've been mulling over a concept for Indie Rock Idol where America can choose the next aloof hipster to fawn over. Do you think anyone would watch?

Dara said...

The "Ask Anything" idea has been fun.

I'd probably watch Indie Rock Idol. I really do like Rock Star. And I like aloof hipsters. I think you'd have to make them write and perform their own music, though.

Jason said...

Most definitely. And you would get to watch them sort through ironic t-shirts and meticulously dishevel their hair.

Justin S. said...

I have the perfect name for Indie Rock Idol.

"Rock Star: Jeff Buckley"

Ok, now I'm going to Hell for sure.

Here's my other idea for Rock Star...

"Rock Star: Guns N' Roses"

Let Scott Weiland take a break from Velvet Revolver while the other guys have a chance to reclaim the Guns N' Roses name back from Axl. And here's the best part.... Axl is a contestant, with no advantage or disadvantage compared to the other contestants.

Dara said...

The GNR/Velvet Revolver thing might work next time Weiland is in rehab.

Rock Star: Nirvana just sprang to mind.

Justin S. said...

The thought of "Rock Star: Nirvana" is what stopped me from watching "Rock Star: INXS" in the first place. I could never quite accept the idea of replacing a lead singer who killed himself through a reality show.

Dara said...

Ultimately, that should be up to the band. Many bands replace dead or departed members; INXS was just the first one to do it via reality show.

Justin S. said...

Well, it's not replacing that bothers me, it's the reality show part. INXS had the right to replace him however they want, but I also have to think it's a little offputting and unseemly.

Dara said...

Maybe. But then again, there's something to be said about letting the purported fans be a part of the process and not doing it all behind closed doors via boring old auditions.