Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fun with the Smoking Gun Archives

In general, I adore The Smoking Gun. But what I really love are its collections of horrible celebrity mugshots and insane celebrity contractual demands. I mean, who would have guessed that Boy George needs "high quality lager beer" and an electric kettle or that Ricky Williams looked like this when he failed to sign a traffic citation?


minijonb said...

i check the Gun daily to see if any of those weird dreams where i bitch-slapped James Frey in Oprah's studio and got arrested really happened.

Dara said...

As a member of the legal community, I believe it's my duty to scour the various contracts and pleadings on the site to see what's really going on.

Plus, they're so funny. And, occasionally -- when we're lucky -- so sordid.

Needtsza said...

ok. forget all that. I just saw your profile picture.

LOLO!!!!!! nice!

NotCarrie said...

I love reading the music riders, they're hilarious. It's fun to see what they try to slip in there.

Ryane said...

The music riders are hilarious! I like the ones where the artists ask for foolish stuff--just to make fun of the whole thing, like Dave Grohl asking for stinky cheese..


Dara said...

I think I'd ask for random sh*t too, if I could get away with it.

Justin and I were actually joking about something unrelated, yet similar, while leaving the ballgame last night. Essentially, it was "I want a salary increase and an empanada. And if I don't get the empanada, I'm out. You have one hour. . . starting . . . now!"