Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rock Star Update

I am wrong about Rock Star so much that I shouldn't even try. But here goes:

Best cover performance of the evening was clearly Lukas. And not just because I love Bon Jovi. Even though I generally don't like his singing, he did something different -- memorable -- with the song. Toby's cover of Mr. Brightside was good too -- but nothing special. Other than that, I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the covers.

And as for the original songs, Storm kicked ass. She was phenomenal, for the first time in the entire competition -- but she was only slightly better than Toby. And I still have to give some props to Magni for writing a pretty good song in a language not his own. Dilana and Lukas did not impress me at all with their songwriting.

Since next week is the finale, I don't really think it's really about the individual performaces of the songs anymore. I think it's going to wind up being about who can bring the whole package to the band. Songwriting, performance, personality -- and consistency. I think that's why they got rid of Ryan last week. So, for me, tonight, it was Toby.

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