Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back to basics

I decided to revisit something from my past this weekend -- my natural hair color.

For years -- since I was sixteen or so -- I've played around with the color. Originally, it started as temporary shades of red. Then, one time it was burgundy. Another time it was black -- which was hideous.

Once I started working, it was various shades of professional looking brown, but usually much lighter than my own very-dark-almost-black-brown. Then, 3 years ago, I started playing with highlights -- getting various shades of blonde, caramel, and auburn streaks in my hair.

Unfortunately, after a couple of months, you could always see my roots.

So, when I woke up first thing this morning to head out to the salon, I decided to be me again. And after an excruciatingly long day, I am. But even though it's my natural hair color, it feels very unnatural. Kind of weird, huh?


Ryane said...

ummm, yeah. natural hair color is a bizarre concept, but one i try and stick close to. I tried blond highlights once--and I will never. do. that. again. it turned orange!! so lovely...

now, i just remain a happy, albeit slightly darker than natural, brunette.

Dara said...

I was always scared of the blonde highlights -- I started out with caramel, and then auburn. Then one time, we did a dark strawberry blonde (which is my sister's natural color), and I was surprised by how much I liked them. So they've been blonde since then.

It's really dark now. I just described the hairdo to Inbal as "goth soccer mom."

Needtsza said...

you sound like my g/f with the highlights and the color changes.....lord knows if she could even Find her natural color again.

So you're natural color is....?

Dara said...

It is dark brown -- lighter than black -- with just the tiniest hint of red in it (thanks, Dad!). We added a couple caramel highlights on top, mostly because that's what the sun would do to it -- if I ever went out in daylight hours.

And, in all honesty, if it was really my natural color, it would probably have quite a bit of gray. But we'll see how that progresses over the next several months.