Monday, September 04, 2006

It's going to be a good fall!

Florida State 13, Miami 10.

I should probably thank Andy for calling me to offer moral support during the game -- especially when I got nervous during the first half and turned it off -- and for not making fun of my angst too much.

Now I can get back to thinking about fall tv and which sweaters match which boots.


Bo W. said...

Was thinking about you during the game. So did you watch it regular or with the more pictures than my simple mind could handle on ESPN 2?

Dara said...

I watched it on regular ESPN. I kept having to turn it off though. My poor little heart can only take so much. i really need to start taking Xanax before big games.

Justin S. said...

More importantly, Illinois already won a game this year! Take that, Eastern Illinois!

Dara said...

I guess that means there's no need to start up v. 2.0.