Monday, September 04, 2006

No work today!

Man, what a day at the ballpark! First Ortiz pitches 8 innings of no-hit baseball, then he hits a homer, and then he gives up a single and a homer to Albert Pujols. Still, the Nats won -- and they've now won 5 in a row. It's things like this that make me love the game.

Next up, it's grocery shopping, more of Veronica Mars season 2, and at least part of the Florida State - Miami game. I'm sure I'll have to turn it off at some point because I'll get too nervous. I'm much better when the first game of the year isn't, potentially, the biggest game of the year.

Some of my friends were trying to plan some game-watching event, but this sort of game is the type where I'm best left alone. Unless they'd like to hear me threaten to throw up, turn off the tv, pace around the room, and --potentially -- throw things. Then it's lots of fun.

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